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Valspar’s COLOR choice® provides one of the most comprehensive color matching and finish design programs offered to the wood coatings marketplace – combining design, formulation and program management guidance along with a full complement of products, raw materials and equipment.

Color Choice: Overview


With COLOR choice®, you can create an unlimited number of custom colors and designs, produce them with precise accuracy and replicate them with outstanding consistency – regardless of the size of your company or previous employee experience. Using COLOR choice, almost anyone can efficiently produce and reproduce custom colors and designs with outstanding consistency.

With COLOR choice, you can create a virtually unlimited number of new and unique colors and designs. Whether responding to industry trends, providing a new or updated look or simply matching a color being requested, COLOR choice helps put the solution into your hands.

COLOR choice takes an "a la cart" approach to starting a color and finish design program or to building additional capabilities into an established program. You can select from a broad offering of tools, training and materials to more personally tailor a program that meets your individual business needs and budget. COLOR choice is designed for easy updating and expansion – allowing you to react quickly to the latest industry trends or the needs of a particular customer.

Color Choice